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GRAPE VARIETY: 100% Negroamaro.


TRAINING: High-trained (4,500 plants per hectare).

HARVEST: Mid-September.

VINIFICATION: After being destemmed and crushed, the must macerates with skin contact for 6-7 days. Fermentation is carried out at 24-25° C.

AGING: The wine is then aged in stainless-steel vats until bottling.

AGING POTENTIAL: This wine is ready to drink, with delicate aromatic evolution over the next 2-3 years. As the wine ages, its flavors will evolve as its tannin mellows.

COLOR: Intense ruby red with tender, soft hints of violet.

NOSE: Red fruit with delicate herbaceous notes with a wide range of aromas, including sour cherry, red prune, and thyme followed by flint.

PALATE: The flavor of this wine is defined by its balance of delicacy and alcoholic content set against its minerality and freshness. Nuanced and persistent, it starts out softly and evolves into a delicate yet confident finish with classic Negromaro notes.

PAIRING: Mediterranean cuisine, pasta with sauce, soups, and gentle aged cheeses.


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2 thoughts on “Negroamaro

  1. Where can I find this wine in Orange County, California? I obviously purchased a bottle somewhere and just recently drank it. Now I am frantically searching for more…..

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