“This devilish-red rosato was certainly made for food.” Wine writer Katherine Cole on Cantele Rosato

We couldn’t be more thrilled to learn that Cantele Rosato was featured in Katherine Cole’s newly released book, Rosé All Day (Abrams, April 11, 2017).

Katherine is one of the best wine writers working in North America today (and she’s one of our faves!).

Here’s what she had to say about our wine. And please check out her book and site here.

The Cantele family is a prominent part of the Salento success story, with their chic tasting room and “synesthetic laboratory” called iSensi, where cooking classes and wine-pairing meals are curated to stimulate the eyes, the ears, the nose, and the tongue. This devilish-red rosato was certainly made for food. The Negroamaro grape skins give it tart astringency and a botanical aroma that beg for a pairing with peppery arugula.

Art and wine, a blending of two worlds that resemble each other more and more

At Vinitaly this year, the Cantele winery launched a new campaign that blends the graphic arts with the world of wine… Check out our Facebook for images from the fair and a preview of what’s to come!

Generation after generation has enjoyed its noble simplicity and its otherworldly beauty. Wine. Its art sublimates humankind, creating harmony through shapes and colors. It’s the aesthetic sense of life, the brush and the palette, the perfection that unleashes the dominion of passion. We stitch the greatness of ancient verses on the fabric of new thinking. And the devotion to good taste is the virtue of our gentle souls.

Paolo Cantele

Vinitaly 2017: Art, Elegance, and Good Taste…

Making wine into an experience that you can enjoy through art, elegance, and good taste.

That’s our wine concept for the 51st annual Vinitaly, the most prestigious international showcase for fine wine, with more than 130,000 attendees and more than 4,100 exhibitors, all concentrated into a four-day gathering.

This year, we will be sharing all kinds of news at Stand E2 in Hall 11: From the new vintages of our top wines to the new projects we are working on. And of course, we’ll also be debuting our ever-evolving wine style, inspired by art and creativity. Every step toward the future of our wines is dressed with the flavors of the past and the history of our family.

“Making wine into a sensorial and artistic experience.”

This is the theme we’ll explore at the fair this year: Receiving our guests and leading them on a journey through the collective memory and roots of our land, through imagery and art. It’s an entirely innovative concept and an aesthetic shift that will transform our stand into a bona fide art gallery.

Every element has been planned to the smallest detail and this year’s stand will pay homage to the land and to our wines. They are a never-ending source of emotion and riches in the heartland we call Salento.

Paolo Cantele

Gianni “an impressive enologist” writes Vinarius ex-president Francesco Bonfio

Above: The flight of wines tasted by a Vinarius delegation earlier this week at the Cantele winery.

We posted earlier this week about our visit from a delegation from Vinarius, the Italian association of wine shop retailers.

After he read the post, Vinarius co-founder and ex-president Francesco Bonfio, who owns and runs a wine shop in Siena, wrote to our blogmaster Jeremy (who happens to be a good friend of his) to share his impression that “Gianni is such an impressive enologist” and that his view was shared unanimously by the entire group of wine store owners, including some of the top retailers in Italy today.

Thank you, Francesco! And thank you again to the members of the Vinarius delegation for taking time out to tour our winery and taste with us. It was a pleasure!