Thank you, Cantele, for coming to Houston (a note from our U.S. ambassador)

Above: Three weeks ago, downtown Houston was underwater.

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Jeremy Parzen. I’ve been a U.S. ambassador for Cantele wines and Cantele’s English-language blogger for almost seven years now.

I’m a native California and a former New Yorker. But in 2008, not long before I met Paolo Cantele for the first time, I fell in love with a woman from Texas. In late 2008, I moved to Austin to be with her. We were married in 2010 and began having children in 2011. In 2014, after our second daughter was born, we moved to Houston to be closer to my family there and to my wife’s family, who lives in Orange, Texas about two hours east of Houston.

As you already know, Hurricane Harvey and Tropical Storm Harvey dropped more than 50 inches of rain over southeast Texas during five days of continuous rainfall. It caused catastrophic flooding and damage throughout our city and the Texas coastline.

It was the scariest thing I’ve ever lived through. And I am very fortunate to be able to say that our house didn’t flood. But our neighborhood and our community have been literally devastated by the hurricane. It was a human tragedy of epic proportions.

Paolo was one of my first friends to message me: “How can I help?” he wrote. I’ve always known Paolo to be a gentle and generous soul. I wasn’t surprised that he was one of the first people to reach out nor was I surprised by his offer.

Without missing a beat, I wrote back: “Come to Houston. Come and pour your wines and see for yourself that we are going to get back on our feet in no time.”

And he immediately responded: “I’ll be there.”

On Wednesday, October 11, we will be hosting Paolo for a wine dinner and tasting of his wines at Mascalzone on Houston’s westside.

Thank you, Paolo, for being a great friend and for supporting Houston when we need you most!

Jeremy Parzen
Cantele U.S. ambassador

Taste with Paolo Cantele in Texas and California in October!

Above: Italian-owned and managed Mascalzone in Houston is one of the city’s leading destinations for authentic Italian cuisine.

Paolo Cantele is coming Texas and California in October!

Here are dates for 3 dinners he’s hosting (some details to be confirmed)…

Wednesday, October 11
7:00 p.m.

3 classic Italian dishes
paired with Cantele wines

$50 per person
12126 Westheimer Rd.
Houston TX 77077
Google map
CALL (832) 328-5151 TO RESERVE.

Thursday, October 12
7:00 p.m.

family-style dinner
featuring Cantele wines

price TBD
5924 Convair Dr.
Fort Worth TX 76109
Google map
CALL (817) 349-0484 TO RESERVE.

SOTTO (Los Angeles)
Tuesday, October 17
7:00 p.m.

“Native Sons of Puglia”
dinner featuring Cantele wines
& artisanal pastas by Pugliese
pasta-maker Francesco Allegro

$90 per person
9575 W Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles CA 90035
Google map
CALL (310) 277-0210 TO RESERVE.

Taste with Paolo in Texas and Los Angeles in October!

Paolo Cantele and Cantele’s US ambassador Jeremy Parzen (aka Do Bianchi) will be touring Texas and California in October of this year.

Here are the tentative dates and locations of at least three events they will be hosting. And there will be other opportunities to taste with them (including a couple of invite-only trade events).

Stay tuned for more details and in the meantime mark your calendars!

And in case you would like to meet and taste with Paolo during his U.S. visit, please shoot Jeremy an email (by clicking here) and he will hook it up for sure…

Looking forward to tasting Cantele with you!

Wednesday, October 11

Fort Worth
Thursday, October 12

Los Angeles
Tuesday, October 17

Drink Cantele at Mascalzone in Houston!

Giving a shout-out today to Mascalzone in Houston, where general manager Elena di Stefano has just added two of our wines to the restaurant’s by-the-glass list — the Primitivo and Salice Salentino.

Mascalzone is an authentic Italian restaurant owned and run by Italians and it’s one of the best places to eat traditional Italian food in this ever growing city (soon to be the third largest city in the U.S.).

The thing that sets Mascalzone apart from the rest though is that Italian is spoken there: These folks live, eat, and breathe like Italians because they are Italians!

Paolo Cantele will be leading a tasting of his wines there when he visits Texas in October.

Stay tuned for details, Houstonians! And thank you Houston and Mascalzone for your support.

12126 Westheimer Rd.
Houston TX 77077
(832) 328-5151
Google map

Houston, we have a new Cantele ambassador!

Above: Houston, Texas, home to one of America’s most vibrant food and wine scenes (and our U.S. ambassador, Jeremy Parzen).

We are thrilled to announce that our U.S. blogmaster and marketing guru, Houston-based Jeremy Parzen aka Do Bianchi, is now doing market work for us in the U.S.

This week, he did his first “ride-with” as it is called in the wine business (also called a “work-with”) with the new distributor for Vias wines in Texas, Victory.

Look out for upcoming posts on their placements of the wines.

And in the meantime, if you are located in Texas or in California (where Jeremy visits regularly), please let us know if you’d him to visit your restaurant or shop for a staff training or to organize a wine tasting or dinner.

Houston, we have a Cantele ambassador!

You can reach Jeremy by email or his cell.: 917-405-3426.