Rossoblu and Sotto in Los Angeles: Thanks for tasting with us at Vinitaly!

The dust is still settling from this year’s Vinitaly, the annual wine trade fair held in Verona.

One of the highlights for us this year was the time we spent with Los Angeles wine professionals Theo Greenly (second from left, standing next to Paolo) and Skylar Hughes (far right, standing next to Gianni).

Theo is the sommelier at Sotto in LA, a restaurant that specializes in southern Italian cuisine and southern Italian wine.

Skylar is the sommelier at Rossoblu, an Emilian-focused restaurant with a pan-Italian list.

Our wines have been featured on their lists at both restaurants since they first opened. And it was a thrill for us to taste our Teresa Manara line of wines with them: The Teresa Manara labels just became available in the U.S. for this first time this year.

It was the first Vinitaly for both of them and we couldn’t have been more thrilled to get to taste with them.

Thank you, Theo and Skylar, for all your support! We love the restaurants and we love you guys!

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