Cantele, the toast of London!

Cantele’s biggest market is without question Italy, where the wines are widely available in restaurants and wine shops across the country, from Milan to Naples and beyond.

America comes next: You’ll find our wines in top markets like Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York but you’ll also find Cantele wines in places like Indiana and Texas, and not just in those states’ major markets.

But that doesn’t mean that our wines don’t enjoy a robust following elsewhere. Germany and Japan are great markets for our wines, of course, but London, one of the greatest wine destinations of all time, is yet another favorite city of ours.

We couldn’t have been more thrilled to see this post (and the photo above) by the chic and wildly popular Indian restaurant Jamavar in Mayfair, London’s “coolest neighborhood” as it has been called recently.

London, we love you! And thank you Jamavar for making our wines part of your excellent wine list!

8 Mount St.
Mayfair, London
+44 20 7499 1800

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