Congratulations to Chef Steve Samson on the launch of Rossoblu in Los Angeles

Above: The mural that overlooks the main dining room at Rossoblu in Los Angeles, a new and much anticipated restaurant where pan-Italian and Emilian cuisine is featured.

From the Los Angeles Times:

“Los Angeles is poised for some major restaurant openings in 2017. Perhaps one of the most anticipated is chef Steve Samson’s Rossoblu, set to open in downtown’s gorgeous new City Market South development.”

From Eater LA:

“Seriously, Rossoblu is a stunner. From the full-wall mural at one end to the weaving gold bar to the black marble open kitchen in the back, this Marshall Group-built space is about as casually glamorous as it gets. And that’s to say nearly nothing of the ample patio space out front, which is almost Salazar-esque in its simplicity. Guests can walk and wander between tables, wine glass in hand, while the cool evening air surrounds them, then float inside to check out chef Samson expediting orders from the massive grill in the back.”

From LA Weekly:

“Rossoblu… one of our most anticipated restaurant openings of 2017.”

Congratulations, Chef Steve! We can’t wait to try your new restaurant.

And look out, Angelinos: We’ve heard talk that our 2016 rosato is being poured by the glass there. Stay tuned!

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