Lupa, one of New York’s great Italian mainstays

Paolo Cantele is currently in New York, “working the market” as we say in the wine business.

He’d been there before, of course, but he was once again blown away by the food at Lupa, one of Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich’s first restaurants to open after the immense success of Babbo, back in the early days of the Italian food and wine renaissance in the U.S.

Beyond the unmitigated consistency and high quality of the classic Roman cuisine at Lupa, the most remarkable thing is how long this restaurant has been around and how it has maintained its status as one of the best and most authentic Italian dining experiences in the country. It opened in 1999: Nearly 20 years ago and still going strong!

It’s also remarkable to think of how many restaurateurs and chefs across the country have used Lupa as a blueprint and model for their own casual but authentic-style restaurants.

We have Mario and Joe to thank for a wave of great Italian cooking that we’ve been riding for nearly two decades.

Lupa: Check it out the next time you’re in NYC. It’s not going away and we are all the luckier for it!

170 Thompson St.
New York NY 10012
(212) 982-5089
Google map

Image via the Lupa Facebook.

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