Cantele in the “happiest place on earth”: Portobello at Disney World

best-wine-disney-world-landHonestly, when you think of Disney World and Disney Land, fine wine and fine dining are the first things that come to mind.

But we were pleasantly surprised — actually, totally blown away — to discover Portobello, a superb Italian restaurant with a FANTASTIC wine list at Disney World in Florida, otherwise known as “the happiest place on earth.”

Check out the wine list here.

This isn’t just another “corporate” wine selection that’s been written by a sales agent from a big distributor. It’s a truly thoughtful and highly curated selection of value-driven Italian wines. And what’s more is that the selection reflects a true understanding of what makes Italian wine so great: Freshness, wholesomeness, and food-friendliness.

We couldn’t have been more proud to taste with the folks there.

Congratulations, Portobello, on your excellent list and food. Thank you for everything you do for Italian wine!

1650 Buena Vista Dr.
Orlando FL 32830
(407) 934-8888
Google map

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