Salice Salentino: How to pronounce it…

One of the biggest problems that Italian wine continues to face is the pronunciation of its grape names and appellation names.

Over the last 15 years, the popularity of Italian wine has exploded in the U.S. And Cantele wines, because of their value and their quality, have played a big part in the “Italian wine renaissance” in America.

Thanks to Cantele’s availability throughout North America, you can find the wines even in smaller, out-of-the-way markets and not just in the big cities. It’s enough to make an Italian winemaker proud!

But despite its popularity, availability, affordability, and high quality, people continue to pronounce the appellation name Salice Salentino incorrectly.

The correct pronunciation is SAH-lee-cheh SAH-lehn-TEE-noh. The accent in Salice is on the FIRST syllable (and not the second as so many people still pronounce it).

A few years ago, our English-language blogger made the above video of Paolo pronouncing the appellation name. There couldn’t be a better way to teach the proper way to say it.

Thanks for speaking Italian appellations with us!

best negroamaro

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