Rosé All Day by Katherine Cole: A new book we can’t wait to read…

katherine-cole-wine-book-authorWe recently learned that Katherine Cole, one of the top wine writers working in the U.S. today, is about to publish a new book on rosé wines, their history, and their popularity: Rosé All Day – The Essential Guide to Your New Favorite Wine (Abrams, April 2017).

Rosé is one of the most popular wines in the U.S. and it’s also one of the most misunderstood and maligned. For a generation, Americans thought that rosé wines were sweet. The classic “White Zinfandel” that many Americans grew up with. Today, thanks to a new wave of interest in the category, American wine lovers are beginning to discover the more classic style of rosé wines.

As lovers and producers of rosé wines, we at Cantele couldn’t be more thrilled to see this trend toward the style of wine we produce. And we couldn’t be more happy to see that one of our favorite wine writers is about to deliver a new book on the subject.

Check out a preview of her new book here, including some glowing reviews by top wine critics.

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