Benedetto Cavalieri: A Lecce original and an Italian great

benedetto-cavalieri-pastaLa Repubblica, the Italian national daily, recently published a profile of Benedetto Cavalieri, the current generation of the famed Benedetto Cavalieri pasta producer, which is based in Lecce.

His family’s company will turn 100 years old next year and it is widely considered to be the best producer of dried pasta in the world today.

That’s Benedetto (above, left) with his son Andrea who now helps him run the business (photo courtesy Benedetto Cavalieri).

The secret to the quality of their pasta — they are happy to reveal — is the high-quality of the Puglia-grown wheat and the slow shaping and drying processes that they employ.

Food and wine writer Sam Gugino has called it his favorite dried pasta in Wine Spectator and Ferran Adrià was reportedly enchanted by its quality, calling it “excellent.”

And we can tell you from personal experience that it is the dried pasta favored by the best chefs across the world.

Benedetto Cavalieri, a Lecce original and an Italian great.

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