Congratulations, Christine Veys, Sotto’s new wine director!

christine-veys-wine-sotto-los-angelesLast month, Paolo Cantele traveled across the United States from New York to the California coast and met and visited with some of the top wine professionals in the country (and in the world, if you count Master of Wine, author, and critic Jancis Robinson).

Last but not least on his itinerary was an evening at Sotto in Los Angeles, a restaurant where the wine list has celebrated the wines of southern Italy since its inception more than five years ago.

The list there was created by the Cantele English-language blogmaster, Jeremy Parzen (also the author of And it’s been called one of the most “interesting wine lists” in Los Angeles by the Los Angeles Times and one of the “best places to drink Italian wine in Los Angeles” by Los Angeles magazine.

The week of Paolo’s visit, the restaurant announced that general manager Christine Veys (above, left, with Paolo) has now been named Sotto’s new wine director. Christine started at Sotto as a server and moved her way up to become a manager and then general manager. And over the last five years, she’s begun traveling to Italy regularly, attending the Italian wine trade fairs, and establishing herself as one of America’s leading Italian wine-focused wine professionals.

It’s been wonderful to follow her career and to taste with her over the years (she tastes with Gianni and Paolo every year at Vinitaly). And the Cantele family couldn’t be more thrilled by her success and her personal and professional achievement.

Congratulations, Christine, on your new and much deserved title! And congratulations, Sotto, for your continued excellence as an ambassador of Italian wine in the U.S. and for your new wine director. She’s a keeper!

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