The power and reach of Italian cuisine in Lebanon, New Hampshire

spaghetti clams vongole recipeAs Cantele’s U.S. blogger and ambassador, I am always looking around the internet to find wine lists that feature Cantele wines.

It’s not hard to track them down: Cantele wines are available across the U.S. thanks to a robust distribution network and an awesome importer (VIAS) who works hard building the brand not only in America’s major markets but also in smaller markets as well.

But the thing that always blows me away is how pervasive authentic Italian cuisine has become in our country.

When I first started writing about Italian food and wine in 1999 (when I was 32 years old; that’s how old I am!), truly authentic Italian cuisine was the exception not the rule. That was a time when Americans and American restaurateurs were shifting from so-called “southern Italian cuisine” to “northern.”

In fact, geography had nothing to do with it. What really happened in the post-Babbo-Batali-Bastianich America was that chefs, restaurateurs, and consumers became more aware of and more finely tuned in to real Italian gastronomy.

Browsing around for Cantele wines this morning, I discovered Three Tomatoes Trattoria in Lebanon, New Hampshire, a small town that lies light years away from America’s megalopoles like New York, Chicago, and San Francisco.

Wow! Just scrolling through their Facebook, I was BLOWN AWAY by how delicious the food looked and its authentic inspiration. Just feast your eyes (pun intended!) on those clams above. I can’t imagine a better pairing for the Cantele Chardonnay that they feature on their wine list.

Check it out…

Three Tomatoes Trattoria
1 Court St #100
Lebanon, NH 03766
(603) 448-1711
Google map

Image via the Three Tomatoes Trattoria Facebook.

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