Gianni on the ongoing olive crisis: “Hope dies hard… I will never give up!”

A Facebook post from Gianni on the ongoing Xlyella fastidiosa (Pierce’s Disease) crisis in Puglia affecting olive growing and olive oil production there. Davide de Lentinis is a citizen advocate for the increasingly threatened olive industry there.

olive tree crisis pugliaDavide de Lentinis will forgive me if I “steal” another photo from him.

Six months ago, I took his photos to Brussels to show them to bureaucrats there. I wanted to show them how our olive groves have been affected by unchecked imports of plants from countries at risk.

My “theft” today serves to show how plants that were already dried out 12 months ago have not rebounded. And by not allowing growers to grub them up, one of farmers’ fundamental rights is being trampled upon: The right to do business.

Both photos show how hope dies hard.

That olive tree, the live tree among the dead, seems to be shouting at the top of its lungs that we need to make tough, uncomfortable, unpopular, courageous, far-sighted decisions right now.

I will never give up!

Gianni Cantele

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