Bari province hail storms threaten Ferrovia cherry harvest

hail bari pugliaAbove: Putignano township in Bari province.

Violent hail storms struck Bari province this week, potentially threatening the area’s cherry harvest.

Puglia is Italy’s largest producer of cherries.

The next variety to be harvested is the “Ferrovia” cherry, the most popular and a major industry for Puglia fruit farmers.

Click here for some background on the Ferrovia cherry and its role in Pugliese agriculture.

“Cherries just can’t get a break this year,” said in a press release Gianni Cantele, president of Coldiretti Puglia, the Puglia office of the Italian confederation of food growers. “The crazy climate has ruined the early-ripening varieties and now it’s ‘cracking’ the Ferrovia cherries…”

ferrovia cherriesAnd on his Facebook he wrote the follow message of solidarity to his colleagues:

“Part of the work we do is to face the aftermath of these weather events. Courage to all my fellow farmers!”

Click here to see video new reports of the storm and the damage it has caused.

Images via the Terranostra Puglia Facebook.

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