Paolo in the kitchen at Le Macàre for SlowFood’s “Imbottigliati in Cucina”

paolo canteleFood marketing specialist Simona Palese put it best on her Facebook when she wrote: “My job is one in which it’s tough to establish the dividing line between work and fun. Sometimes I think there is no line. Maybe the line doesn’t divide but rather combines work and fun. And maybe that line is called ‘passion.'”

She was writing about Paolo Cantele’s performance and evening as a chef at Imbottigliati in Cucina earlier this week at the restaurant Le Macàre in Alezio in Lecce province (Puglia).

“Imbottigliati in Cucina” means literally bottled in the kitchen: It’s a series produced by SlowFood where winemakers cook, chefs serve as waiters, and wine writers work as sommeliers.

polenta baccalaFor Paolo’s evening at the popular restaurant Le Macàre, he made two dishes that reflected his Northern Italian origins: Polenta and Baccalà for the Veneto side of his family and Tagliatelle alla Bolognese for the Emilia-Romgagna side.

Those are polenta chips atop creamed salt cod (baccalà) and grilled polenta in the photo above.

Cantele wines were served at the event to the delight of all present.

Le Macàre
Via Mariana Albina
+39 0833 282192
Google map

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