Thanks for a great Vinitaly…

puglia vinitaly standPeople always think that working in the wine business is such a glamorous job.

In some ways it is. Mostly because of the places you get to visit, the restaurants where you get to eat, and wonderful people that you get to meet.

But when it comes down to it, 99 percent of working in the wine business is a slog. Early mornings, late nights… and endless dinners that leave your digestion panting for breath…

When it comes to Vinitaly, the annual Italian wine trade fair held each spring in Verona, we all need to be on the floor of the fair at our stand by 9 a.m. and we need to stay until the fair closes each night at 6 p.m.

And there is a constant flow of people stopping by who want to taste and chat and catch up.

By the end of each day, your white shirt is stained with wine, you have blisters on your feet, and you can hardly talk anymore because you are so sore for talking all day.

AND THEN… and THEN you have to go out to dinner in Verona for a fat meal with one of your distributors, importers, or clients. Those get-togethers are really fun, actually. But it gets to be a bit much — especially on your digestion — when you have to do it four nights in a row (some people do it five night in a row during the fair).

Yes, it’s an important event in terms of business. In fact, a lot of the year’s business gets done during Vinitaly.

But the thing that really makes it worthwhile is seeing all the friends who stop by. The magic of reconnecting with them and tasting just washes away the rest of the hassle.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our stand to taste this year. We had a great fair. And it was all thanks to you!

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