Cantele family Easter foods reflect the family’s origins

cassatiello recipeThe Cantele family is Pugliese, of course. But two generations ago, Cantele family members also hailed from Romagna in the north and Campania to the west.

Every year at Easter, they gather around a table piled high with dishes that reflect their family’s origins, like the cassatiello (above), an oven-fired savory bread stuffed with salami and rendered lard, a classic Easter dish from Campania.

Another favorite is passatelli (below), a bread crumb-egg-Parmigiano Reggiano pasta served in stock, a dish commonly served in Romagna.

Here’s what Paolo wrote on his Facebook when he shared this wonderful photos from the holiday meal:

“For the Cantele-Tamborrino family, Easter has a special meaning. Here in the land of Salento, we continue to preserve the Romagna and Campania traditions of two grandmothers, Teresa and Rosa. We will never forget what they meant to all of us.”

passatelli recipe

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