Congratulations to Sotto in LA and thanks for 5 years of support

paolo cantele sotto los angelesAbove: Paolo Cantele visited Sotto when it first opened in 2011.

It seems like it was just yesterday.

But it was almost five years ago that Sotto on West Pico Blvd. in Los Angeles first opened its doors.

The restaurant business can be brutal.

And few restaurateurs have the talent — and the chutzpah — to succeed past the first year.

Today, after nearly five years of serving some of the best Italian food in the U.S., Sotto has never rested on its laurels (like being named one of the Esquire magazine’s “best new restaurants” the year it opened).

Earlier this month, Sotto was named one of LA’s “essential Italian restaurants” by LA Weekly.

Here’s what their food critic had to say:

Is it possible that Sotto has been open for five years? That’s usually the age at which a heavily decorated restaurant begins to advance from the realm of really, really good to damn-near-legendary status, a restaurant where trends and upstart chefs can be traced back to and mapped out like a sprawling family-tree diagram. Even in its earliest days, Sotto was much more than a Neapolitan pizza restaurant, though it was and is making some of the finest pies in the city. You could find interesting wines from overlooked regions of Italy, cocktails that captivated even the geekiest of amaro nerds and beautiful renditions of both hearty handmade pastas and wood-grilled meats before both of those became de facto requirements in L.A.’s rustic-Italian scene. Steve Samson and his team of chefs offer both classic standbys, such as grilled pork meatballs, and seasonal dishes, like risotto stewed with squash and roasted chestnuts. It’s not easy for restaurants to balance consistency with creativity year after year. Sotto pulls off that feat with ease.

Congratulations, Chef Steve and team Sotto!

Our wines have been on your list since you first opened and we thank you for your cherished support!

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