Cantele in San Diego by the sea at Bencotto

best italian restaurant san diegoIn a lot of ways, Puglia and San Diego have a lot in common.

They both lie on the edge of the sea (well, in the case of San Diego, the city lies on the Pacific Ocean, not the sea).

They both have some of the most spectacular beaches in the world (although the water in San Diego is a lot colder!).

And they both enjoy some of the most stunning sunsets you will ever see, like the one in the image above (taken in San Diego).

Another thing they both have in common is the high quality and caliber of seafood.

But perhaps the most important thing that links these two loci amoeni (happy places) is the laid-back but stylish lifestyle.

That’s why we are always geeked to see our wines being poured by the glass there in restaurants like Bencotto, where the owners go for a chic setting with an authentic and extremely delicious Italian menu (including housemade pastas, which are not to miss).

Bencotto is located in San Diego’s historic Little Italy and it represents the new wave of progressive Italian restaurants that have sprung up around the city in recent memory.

It’s close to the airport and harbor (which is also beautiful, btw). It’s also close to downtown and San Diego’s beautiful Balboa Park, where visitor enjoy the world-famous zoo and botanical gardens along with a number of world-class museums.

We couldn’t be more proud that Bencotto is currently serving our Salice Salentino by-the-glass. As if we needed a reason to make our way back to San Diego by the sea!

Check it out…

750 W. Fir St. Suite 103
San Diego CA 92101
(619) 450-4786
Google map

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