The ever-evolving world of Italian food at Slab in Portland, Maine

cazzilli recipe slab portlandAbove: Cazzilli at Slab in Portland, Maine, potato and parsley croquettes, a classic “street food” dish from Sicily (image via the Slab Facebook).

Ever since Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich opened Babbo in the late 1990s in Manhattan, the new wave of the Italian wine and food renaissance in the U.S. has seemed unstoppable.

As producers, marketers, and lovers of Italian wine, we see it every day: Across the U.S., restaurateurs and chefs continue to introduce American gourmets to Italy’s never-ending supply of local and regional gastronomic traditions, like the cazzilli in the photo above at Slab Sicilian Street Food in Portland, Maine — potato and flat-leaf parsley croquettes, a speciality of the food markets of Palermo.

The folks at Slab add their own touch of originality with a “Moroccan olive almond crust.”

This dish is such a great example of how Italian food “translates” so well wherever it travels.

As the acclaimed Italian food writer John Mariani has written, “Italian cuisine has conquered the world.”

We’ve been loving every minute of it and we’re proud to see our wines on the list at Slab, where the owners continue to push the envelope of regional Italian cuisine in this country.

Bravo, Slab! Awesome stuff!

25 Preble St.
Portland, ME 04101
(207) 245-3088
Google map

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