Gianni Cantele, grape grower, winemaker and brother…

From Paolo’s Facebook

gianni canteleLast year, Intravino, the wine blog otherwise devoted to this, that, and the other, published a fun post on grape growers who not only apply themselves to the noble profession of the cultivation of vitis vinifera but also to the lofty aspiration of the selfie.

Our good man Antonio Tomacelli, one of Intravino’s editors-in-chief, had the bright idea of including two photos by the undersigned.

A “colleague” of mine (I hope he isn’t offended if I compare myself to him) commented on the post using pungent language. Honestly, I still can’t understand why.

In short, he went out of his way to write that I shouldn’t have been included in Antonio’s post because I am not a grape grower. I’m not sure why he did this. During the harvest, we are all a little less sharp than usual. Our thinking can be diminished or even impeded.

Maybe it was because of the fatigue. Maybe because he’s not very photogenic. Or maybe because the last time I shook his hand he didn’t feel the calluses on my fingers and palm.

It’s not really important. The whole thing just made me laugh. And who can say? Maybe, in the end, he was right. After all, my role in the winery is in sales and marketing.

As one of my American clients likes to say, I’m the one who “shakes hands and kisses babies.”

If that colleague of mine (oops! I did it again!) had met my brother before he read the post, he probably wouldn’t have wasted his time typing away on his computer keyboard.

My brother… he spends the better part of his time in the vineyards with his friend Cataldo Ferrari, a childhood friend that’s like a brother to him.

Today, he’s one of the most talented and forward-thinking vineyard managers that this region can offer up. Together, we make great wines (at least, we try).

Our focus is Negroamaro, a grape that delivers greater and greater rewards the more it makes toil.

I have never been able to take a good photo of Gianni in the vineyard. And for that reason, the photo in this post is even more important because it shows the way he makes his wine and the way he conceives his wine. In the cellar, yes, but above all between the rows in “his” vineyards.

He’s always the last one to leave, on the very last day of the summer sun.

And he’s my bro…

Paolo Cantele

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