Pierce’s Disease Crisis in Puglia: A new commissioner and a new plan

olive tree pierces disease pugliaAbove: “Attention: You are entering an area infected by Xyella fastidiosa. Do not remove plants or parts of plants.” A sign in Puglia where the Pierce’s Disease crisis affecting olive growers remains unchecked (photo by Davide de Lentinis).

The Italian government has announced a plan and commission to combat the growing Pierce’s Disease crisis affecting olive growers in Puglia.

The “Stilletti Plan” is named after Giuseppe Stilletti, the Italian agriculture ministry’s commander for Puglia and the new commissioner in charge of spearheading a solution to the growing outbreak.

The commissioner’s office has a Facebook page that’s worth checking out. So far, it’s been updated regularly.

In a post yesterday, the editors of the page write that Stilletti’s plan has been approved and they include this note (translation mine):

In total, there are 31 outbreak areas at the moment that are being considered by the [Silletti] plan. An estimated 3,103 trees will be cut down of which 1,079 have been certified as infected (as of August 31, 2015) by the [agricultural ministry’s] Plant Health Inspection Committee.

We’ll be following the page and translating posts and posting them here as the page is updated.

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