Saragolla wheat pasta for a hungry grape grower

saragolla wheat pasta“The harvest makes me hungry!” wrote grape grower and winemaker Gianni yesterday on his Facebook.

He feasted yesterday evening on a dish of Saragolla wheat pasta (above).

“Sargolla wheat pasta,” he wrote, “100 percent Italian, great pasta shape and a great name: gigli (lilies in English).”

“Cooked in pan with a simple sauce of canned San Marzano tomatoes. Devoured religiously direct from the pan, accompanied by a beer and free-style burp!”

Saragolla wheat is one of the growing number of “ancestor” wheats that are becoming popular today in Europe.

They are cereals that came before the modern era of wheat production. Today, nearly all the grains we consume are the result of literally millennia of human intervention.

Ancestor wheats are super cool in part because they are unrefined (and thus much healthier for you) and in part because they reflect an expanding movement of growers who are trying to recover grains that came before humankind began tinkering with wheat cultivars.

Some even believe that the study and use of these cereals will help us to reduce the cost of wheat production.

Check out this page on Saragolla wheat here.

And check out the Wiki entry for “the taxonomy of wheat” here.

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