Best places to eat in Lecce, Puglia

tiella recipe puglia cuisine traditionalAbove: La tiella (taieddhra in Leccese), named after the teglia or earthenware pot it’s cooked in — baked mussels, potatoes, and zucchine. A traditional Pugliese dish at Trattoria Le Zie in Lecce.

I’m regret to report that there is a dearth — yes, a dearth! — of blog posts and online media about great places to eat in Puglia.

I’m not sure why this is, especially because I’ve had some of the best meals of my life in Puglia (for real).

There’s no doubt in my mind that it’s due partly to the fact that few Pugliese restaurateurs have a robust internet or social media presence. Even my favorite restaurants there have very weak identities online.

And that’s okay. If that suits them, then so be it.

As many of you are gearing up to go to Puglia for summer vacation, I wanted to share two of my favorites here.

The first, Doppiozero (contact info below), is a modern youthful restaurant with a chic feel and contemporary cuisine. It’s also a great place to simply hang out and people watch.

Its web presence is completely lame. But its vibe is entirely awesome. Check out the site below to get a sense of the place and the kitchen.

The second, Trattoria Le Zie (info below), is like a fantasy vision of what a traditional Pugliese restaurant should be. It’s literally a house (a row apartment first floor). And it’s run by a woman who came out of central casting.

The second to last time I was there, she insisted that I make a wish before she fed me some fave e cicoria (puréed fava beans and green chicory, a classic Pugliese dish).

And you know what? My wish came true!

Again, no Facebook and a lame internet presence. But awesome restaurant.

Check both of them out and you won’t be sorry.

Be sure to make a reservation! Especially during summer months!

00 Doppiozero
Via Guglielmo Paladini, 2
73100 Lecce LE
+39 0832 521052

Trattoria Le Zie Trattoria
Via Costadura, 19
73100 Lecce LE
+39 0832 245178

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