Faugno (favonio), Puglia’s western wind

Gianrico CarofiglioAbove: Gianni (right) with Pugliese novelist and jurist Gianrico Carofiglio at the Coldiretti stand at EXPO this week. Check out the Wikipedia entry on Gianrico. He’s super cool.

Winemaker Gianni Cantele has been spending this week with his family in Legnano just outside of Milan where he’s attending Puglia Week at the Coldiretti stand at EXPO (the World’s Fair). Gianni is the president of the Puglia chapter of Coldiretti, the Italian federation of food growers.

There’s a heatwave going on right now in Italy.

And Gianni has intuited that his northern counterparts imagine that it must be even hotter in Puglia.

Actually, the forecast calls for a high of 92° F. today in Legnano and a high of 87° F. in Lecce (the province where the Cantele winery and most of its vineyards are located).

“It’s going to be no easy task today to explain to them what the faugno is,” he mused on his Facebook today.

The Pugliese dialect term faugno is akin to the Italian favonio, which in turn comes from the Latin favonius meaning the western wind. It’s what the Greeks called the zephyr.

The faugno (also written faugna) wind is a hot wind that arrives from the west during the summer.

When Puglia Week at EXPO is over, Gianni will head back down to Puglia to begin preparing for the harvest.

We’ll be following the weather conditions in Salento closely… Stay tuned!

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