Lamarée on the Gulf of Taranto: A fantastic beach vacation spot

best beach spot pugliaPeople ask us all the time about the best beach spots in Puglia.

One of our favorites is Lamarée Lido e Ristorante, a beautiful and amenity-filled resort and restaurant on the Gulf of Taranto.

Unlike America, where you bring your own towels and chairs to the beach, many Italian beaches have resorts like Lamarée where they provide you with beach chairs, towels, umbrellas, and even showers.

And of course, there are refreshments and the resort’s wonderful fresh seafood restaurant (where they also happen to serve Cantele).

Both of these photos (above and below) come from Lamarée’s social media. Check out their Twitter for mouth-watering shots of their seafood and gorgeous images from the sun-bathing area.

We highly recommend it!

Lamarée Lido
Via dei Girasoli, snc
74122 Lama TA
+39 099 221 2907

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