Negroamaro grows in Brooklyn

best wine shop brooklynWe wanted to give a shout-out to our friends Erika Lesser and Jim Hutchinson at Kings County Wines in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn.

Earlier this year, they purchased the wine shop (and renamed it; it used to be called T.B. Ackerson).

As more and more New Yorkers with young children (like Erika and Jim) are setting down their roots in the east part of the city and moving deeper and deeper into Brooklyn, the thirst for fine wine continues to grow there.

We recently caught up with Jim, who told us that they are loving Cantele wines there.

“How does Cantele manage to make such great wines and sell them at such great prices?” he asked us.

The answer, we told him, is that the Cantele cousins are just plain honest folks who love good wine.

Congrats on the launch of your new shop, guys!

Kings County Wines
1205 Cortelyou Rd
Brooklyn, NY 11218
(718) 826-6600
Google map

Image via the Kings County Wines Facebook.

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