Springtime in America means it’s time for Cantele Rosato

best wine shop spring lake new jerseyWe just had to share this image posted by the Murray family on the Bottle Shop Instagram this week from Spring Lake, New Jersey.

“What is better,” they wrote, “than a juicy Dry Rosato with homemade spaghetti, fresh basil marinara & meatballs at the end of a long workday?!?! Ciao Paolo and Famiglia Cantele!”

It’s never a bad time to pop the cork on a bottle of Cantele Rosato from Negroamaro.

But springtime is always the best time: This wine, with its combination of freshness, fresh fruit flavor, balanced acidity, and gentle tannin, is ideal for its food-friendliness and versatility with the foods we serve this time of year.

Marinara and meatballs with fresh basil is a great example of this.

On the one hand, you have the acidity and tanginess of the tomatoes (and man, if you’ve ever had a delicious Jersey tomato in springtime, you know what we’re talking about!).

On the other hand, you have the savory notes and fattiness of the meatballs.

Add the herbal notes of the fresh spring basil and you have a lot going on in this dish.

And that’s why the rosato works so well: Its acidity and freshness work brilliantly with the tanginess of the sauce while it’s smooth tannin provides just enough astringency to cut through the meatiness.

And wow, homemade spaghetti? Murray family and Bottle Shop, that dish looks fan-friggin-tabulous!

Thanks for the shout out and happy spring!

Bottle Shop Of Spring Lake
1400 3rd Ave
Spring Lake, NJ 07762
Google map

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