Meet Cantele label and website designer Elisa Costa

elisa costa designer italyLecce-based graphic designer Elisa Costa, the woman behind Cantele’s labels and website design, has been awarded the prestigious BiolPack award for her work as an illustrator and designer. The following profile appeared this week in the online edition of Piazza Salento (translation by CanteleUSA; image via Elisa’s Facebook).

“Ever since I was little, I wanted to draw and to be an illustrator so that I can add something of my own to the stories that I read. Now that I’m a grown-up, in a certain sense, I’ve seen my dream come true by using images to help tell stories that are worth telling.”

This is how Casarano [Lecce province]-based graphic designer Elisa Costa (above), tells the story of how she was able to transform her passion into a job.

In order to nurture what was a dream for her as an adolescent and to hone her skills, Costa moved to Milan where she attended the European Institute for Design.

Upon completion of her degree in 1999, she returned home where she began to work as a freelancer and first garnered attention for her work. After just two years, she won the first Merano International Wine Festival prize for her label design for Cantele’s Amativo.

From that moment forward, she continued to fill her resumé with successes, like the creation of the website, which was named one of the top 12 winery websites by Wine News in 2007. This year, she won the BiolPack award for a label she created for the organic olive oil Forestaforte.

But her work also extends beyond labels and advertisements. Her creativity and deft hand in illustration have also delivered a Salento-themed deck of playing cards, a unique project that was commissioned by Lecce Province. These and other works have made her an ambassador of Salento culture throughout the world.

—Lucio Protopapa
Piazza Salento

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