Cantele Rosato and awesome Mexican food in Oakland? Hell yeah!

roasted poblanos dona tomas recipe oaklandAbove: Roasted poblano chiles with yams, cheese, and roasted walnut sauce. This dish SCREAMS for Cantele Rosato! (Image via the Doña Tomás Twitter.)

Spring is officially here and that means temperatures are rising.

It also means that we — especially those of us who live in the southwest and California — will be reaching more and more for spicier foods.

For years now, the Cantele Rosato from Negroamaro grapes has been wildly popular among Italian restaurants in the U.S.

But as we see more and more Mexican restaurants expanding their wine lists and embracing a broader wine culture, we keep seeing the Rosato pop up at some of our favorite Mexican destinations.

We were THRILLED To see it on the list at Doña Tomás in Oakland, California.

The thoughtful, soulful, and respectfully authentic cuisine of this beloved northern California eatery just calls out for Cantele’s rosé.

Check it out…

Restaurante Doña Tomás
Temescal Square
5004 Telegraph Ave
Oakland, CA 94609
(510) 450-0522
Google map

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