How to pronounce Salice Salentino

After spending the day yesterday in Los Angeles tasting wines for the restaurant Sotto, where I co-author the nearly all southern Italian wine list, I was reminded by how challenging it can be for English speakers to pronounce the wine name Salice Salentino.

While Salentino isn’t as challenging because the stressed syllable is the penultimate and thus the scansion that most Anglophones expect, Salice — SAH-lee-cheh — is often problematic for English-speakers because the stress lands on the first syllable.

So I wanted to share the video that I made a few years ago when visiting Paolo Cantele in Salento.

Salice Salentino is the name of an Italian wine appellation and it’s the name of a town as well: I’ve also been working on my research into the origins of the toponym Salice Salentino and will post my findings after the Thanksgiving holiday.

Thanks for being here and for speaking Italian wines!

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