Empathy and a will to dream in tough times

bike tours pugliaIt’s been a tough year in Italy.

Grape growers and winemakers were vexed by “bizarre” weather across Italy.

But troubles in the vineyards are dwarfed by Italy’s stagnant economic growth and its staggering unemployment rate.

According to the Italy’s national data institute, nearly one out two Italians aged 15-24 are currently unemployed (44.2%).

In America, we’re starting to see the signs of economic recovery and that’s good news for people who sell Italian wine in the U.S.

But Italy and Italians continue to struggle to get back on their feet.

The CanteleUSA blog is about Cantele wines in the U.S. But it’s also about people: the people who drink the wines, the people who sell the wines, and the people that make the wines.

I was so moved by the following Facebook post by winemaker Gianni Cantele that I just had to translate it and post it here. Thanks for reading…

A bike ride, the north wind, the smell of the Mediterranean brush, sea, empathy.

Yes, empathy between persons who admire one another, who share values that sometimes appear to be becoming extinct. Persons who, nonetheless, still have a desire to dream and to say that yes, we can still change this country.

But from the bottom up. We can do it ourselves. Not our politicians. We know that they don’t really want to.


Gianni Cantele

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