Cantele by the sea ocean at the fabu Casa Ado in Los Angeles

best italian seafood los angelsWhen it comes to true, authentic Italian cuisine in Los Angeles, Chef Antonio Murè, co-owner of Casa Ado in Venice, California is the real deal.

A funny thing happens when Italians come to Los Angeles.

Guarda che bello il mare californiano! you might hear them say. Look how beautiful the California sea is!

Occasionally, the exclamation is greeted by an Italian language geek who will point out that it’s an ocean, not a sea.

Technicalities aside, seaside oceanside dining is always a treat when visiting the Golden State and there is no better place to enjoy the ocean breeze than Casa Ado in Venice, California where Chef Antonio Murè serves some of the best and most authentic Italian cuisine in the U.S. today (see above).

Between its phenomenal produce and the bounty of fresh fish (from the ocean), California gives Chef Antonio the raw materials he needs to make true Italian food.

It’s simply one of the best Italian restaurants in the U.S. right now and we’re proud that his wine list includes Cantele wines.

Casa Ado
12 W Washington Blvd
Marina del Rey, CA 90292
(310) 577-2589
Google map

Image via the Casa Ado website.

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