Roses for the winemaker’s wife (after 40 days, harvest is finally over)

best italian roses“Today is the first Sunday I can relax,” wrote winemaker Gianni Cantele on his Facebook over the weekend, “after forty days of full-immersion harvest. It’s a beautiful day and it reminds me how nice it is to feel the north wind blow, even when it reaches speeds of more than 20 knots.”

“And so today is the day that I’ll finally leave the monastery otherwise known as Guagnano.”

“Who knows if they’ll take me back when I get home?”

“I’ll win over the kids with a fishing trip. Trip is the right word: normally, I take them fishing all the time.”

“And I’ll use these roses that you see in the photo to try to convince my wife not to leave me. Depending on how it goes, I may or may not be looking for offers of a couch to sleep on.”

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