90 points for Cantele’s new Primitivo Fanòi from Dr. Wine

cantele winery best pugliaAbove: The Cantele winery in Guagnano, Puglia.

Former Gambero Rosso editor Daniele Cernilli’s blog “Dr. Wine” has awarded 90 points to Cantele’s new Primitivo lable, Fanòi.

“The Cantele winery began as two love stories at the beginning of the past century,” writes Dr. Wine editor Iolanda Maggio.” The first was between Giovanni Battista Cantele and Teresa Manara and the second between her and faraway angle of Puglia. It was also the story of a ‘reverse’ migration, from north to south, to the warm and sunny, enchanting Baroque city of Lecce. But it was not until 1979 that Augusto, who was still an adolescent at the time, together with his father and his brother Domenico created the family wine estate. The beating heart of this story is now in the 50 hectares of privately owned vineyards (together with another 150 that are leased). The winery, which was inaugurated in 2003, is situated between Guagnano and Salice Slentino. Today the grandchildren of Giovanni Battista Cantele and Teresa Manara continue this family saga told through glasses of wine: Augusto’s children Gianni and Paolo, along with those of Domenico, Umberto and Luisa. They all seem to have the same gaze, gushing talent and a common dream called wine.”

Click here for the complete review.

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