Mom’s eggplant alla parmigiana for a tired winemaker after a day of harvest

puglia eggplant recipe lecce“Between my work in the vineyards and in the cellar, I live the harvest in the first person,” wrote grape grower and winemaker Gianni Cantele on his Facebook this evening after returning home from a backbreaking day of harvest.

“Every year it’s a new challenge that I make to myself. Sometimes it knocks you up against a wall and forces you to make rapid decisions that you can never take back. The exciting thing is that it’s different every year.”

“The only thing I know for certain is that my mother will always ‘parachute’ in just at the right moment with provisions: eggplant alla parmigiana. Thank you, mom!

“You’ll note that this is the ‘under-the-weather’ version of this dish: it’s not fried and it doesn’t include meatballs. But it has all the other ingredients used in the Salento version. It’s a sight to see!”

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