Gorgeous Fiano! Harvest notes from winemaker Gianni Cantele

The Cantele family is gearing up for harvest 2014. It’s been an unusual vintage, in part because of an unusually mild winter in Italy. But things are shaping up nicely. The following are notes from grape grower and winemaker Gianni Cantele.

fiano vineyard pugliaAbove: Fiano in Pulsano township (Taranto province).

One of the most beautiful vineyards of this vintage. Truly impeccable, with balanced production and totally on track for ripening. The ripeness should be perfect toward the end of next week.

It’s not actually an indigenous grape variety. But it’s beautiful to see its loosely compact bunches and its slightly oblong berries and still “sturdy” skins.

The kind of lab results that you dream of! 18.5° Babo (21.79° Brix), 8.3 g/l total acidity, and 3.13 pH.

It’s been a strange vintage and I’m already thinking about how I can get these grapes to give their best when we ferment them.

Gianni Cantele

fiano variety puglia

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