Harvest is almost here, weather conditions are ideal

puglia harvest weather conditionsDespite the occasional rain shower, the weather in Lecce province has been excellent. And the small amount of rain fall is just enough to help cool the grapes without damaging them.

As you can see from the forecast above (the screen shot was taken at 10 p.m. Lecce time), sunshine and warm temperatures — the classic weather for this time of year — are predicted for the next week. And extended forecasts call for good weather for the next ten days.

During the 2014 growing cycle, northern and central Italy have been plagued by hailstorms and heavy, incessant rainfall.

Sadly, many of Italy’s most famous appellations have already lost a large portion of their crop.

And the continued rainfall isn’t helping: rain at this time of year brings down temperatures drastically and as a result, grapes aren’t ripening swiftly enough in affected areas. It can also cause persistent rot and mildew.

In some ways, this year’s harvest in Italy is reminiscent of the area immediately after the Second World War, when northern growers were lucky to have one solid vintage every decade. In a time before climate change, cold weather during the crucial summer months (when grapes need the warmth to ripen fully) could ruin the entire year’s work.

That was a time when northern grape growers and winemakers often bought wine from Puglia in order to bolster their own wines and give them the desired color and alcohol level.

We’ll be following the Puglia harvest here on the blog. Stay tuned!

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