A groovy new wine shop in Lecce: Bottiglieria al 128

best wine shop lecceAngelo Gaja often remarks about how the greatest “made in Italy” export brands (like his own) work tirelessly to cultivate their brand image at home.

Campari, for example, is one of Italy’s leading brands — I’ve heard him say on more than one occasion — as popular at home as it is abroad. It turns out that those umbrellas that you see in Rome are part of a bigger vision for creating visibility and awareness of the brand worldwide.

Cantele is a brand like that, too.

The Cantele family sells a lot of wine in English-, German-, and Japanese-speaking markets. But the Cantele cousins — Paolo in particular, the family’s export director — also work ceaseless to make sure that you’ll find their wines in all the major Italian markets, from Milan to Bologna to Rome to Naples to Lecce…

That’s Paolo, above, pouring the new Cantele Rohesia, at a newly opened and super groovy wine shop in Lecce: La Bottiglieria al 128 (bottiglieria means bottle shop in Italian and the al 128 comes from the shop’s address at 128 [Via Slavatore Trinchese]).

It’s one of the things that makes Cantele wines so special. They’re not just great wines to drink here in the U.S. and one of Italy’s best values in fine wine. They’re also wines that Italians drink and they drink them for all the same reasons that we love them, too.

You find a healthy selection of Cantele wines at La Bottiglieria al 128 in Lecce. And the shop also carries a wide array of Champagnes.

La Bottiglieria al 128
Via Salvatore Trinchese 128
73100 Lecce LE
+39 0832 1940151
Google map

Image via the Bottiglieria Facebook.

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