Oliveto, where California’s natural bounty meets authentic Italian gastronomy

oliveto best italian oaklandWe’ve always been big fans of Oliveto in Oakland, California.

It’s simply one of the most thoughtful Italian restaurants in the U.S. today, where Chef Jonah Rhodehamel blends the flavors of California’s superb produce and pasture-raised meats with authentic Italian gastronomic tradition.

“Exceptional ingredients from farmers we know and trust,” write the owners on their website, are “the point of departure for all our food. Carrying that tradition forward, Chef Jonah Rhodehamel’s menus coalesce classic Italian cooking with intelligent innovation.”

Just peruse the restaurant’s website or its Facebook photo stream and it’s not hard to gauge the level of knowledge and thoughtfulness that goes into its food.

And its wine list is equally intelligent in its design and its selection. We love how they list the wines by body and we applaud the way they include wines from all over Italy, including many Southern Italian selections alongside their ample offering from Piedmont and Tuscany.

And, of course, we’re proud of the support that they’ve given Cantele over the years (the 2010 Amativo by Cantele is currently featured by the bottle).

Be sure to check out the restaurant’s blog, too.

5655 College Ave
Oakland, CA 94618
(510) 547-5356
Google map

Image via the Oliveto Facebook.

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