Prides Osteria in Beverly Mass.: groovy food, groovy folks

best italian restaurant salem massOne of the coolest things about social media is how it allows us to travel without traveling.

Honestly, we’ve never been up to Beverly, a 40-minute drive north of Boston in the heart of historic New England.

But after spending some time perusing the Facebook of Prides Osteria — the town’s leading Italian joint — we feel like we know the place.

The restaurant’s Facebook is everything — in our view — that a restaurant Facebook should be: it’s shows off the dining room, the ingredients, the preparation, the food, and the people who make it.

And most importantly, its “food porn” fills our stomachs with mimetic desire: after browsing the page, WE WANT TO EAT THERE!

The restaurant’s social media really conveys the soul of the place. And from what we read in its Twitter bio, it’s all about “Cozy food with balls!”

We love this place and we’ve never even eaten there. And we’re proud to share the news that Prides Osteria serves Cantele 2009 Salice Salentino — our Tre Bicchieri winner — by the glass.

Buon weekend e buon appetito a tutti!

Prides Osteria
240 Rantoul St
Beverly, MA 01915
(978) 969-0083
Google map

Image via the Prides Osteria Facebook.

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