Dispatch from Torre Colimena by leading wine writer Brian Freedman

torre colimenaAbove: The iconic fortress at Torre Colimena on the western coast of Puglia.

“Wine-wise,” wrote leading wine writer Brian Freedman in an article about his recent visit to Puglia for Philadelphia Weekly, “I’ve been blown away.”

“From value-priced bottles to pricier ones that have been garnered with awards all over the world, [the wines] embody exactly what make Puglian wine so special: Expressiveness and food-friendliness, as well as a sense of exuberance that demands a second glass, and then a third—and, let’s be honest here, a fourth, as long as you’re not driving.”

Cantele, he noted, was among the “spectacular” wineries he visited while he and his family spent a month in rented house there.

After such a rich experience, he’s convinced, he wrote, that “Puglia will be the next big destination in Italy.”

Click here to read his dispatch for Philadelphia Weekly. And here for a post on his family’s stay in Puglia on his personal blog.

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manduria puglia beach

Images via Antonio Trogu’s and Any.colour.you.like’s Flickrs (Creative Commons).

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