Cristina Bowerman visits Cantele and iSensi

cristina bowermanLast week, the Cantele Winery and iSensi, the Cantele cooking school and sensorial studio, had the great honor to host Chef Cristina Bowerman (above), who gave a seminar as part of the Nobili Pasticci Chef in Cattedra series.

Chef Bowerman has enthralled and wowed diners at the Michelin-starred Glass Hostaria in Rome, where she has acted as executive chef since 2006 (her first Michelin star came in 2010).

Italian television audiences have come to love her thanks to her appearances on MasterChef Italy, one of the country’s most popular shows.

But in Puglia, she holds a special place in food and wine lovers hearts: she is from the city of Cerignola (Foggia province, Puglia) and she is widely embraced as a local hero by the Pugliesi, who simply can’t get enough of her.

She has recently told her story in a just-released memoir entitled Da Cerignola a San Francisco e ritorno, la mia vita da chef controcorrente (From Cerignola to San Francisco and Back, my life as a chef swimming against the tide, Mondadori, 2014).

She didn’t want it to be just another recipe book, she told an Italian interviewer recently.

“I tend to avoid the obvious in every aspect of my life.”

With a life story like hers, it’s not hard to stay away from the obvious: born and raised in Puglia, she abandoned her law degree to become a chef and somewhere between Austin, Texas (where she studied cooking) and San Francisco, California (where she first worked as a chef), she found her way back to Italy where she has become a culinary superstar and culinary icon.

iSensi was thrilled to host her in the Cantele family’s kitchen.

Don’t miss this English-language biography of Chef Bowerman at

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