A mother of Italian rosé tastings this weekend in Lecce

best rose tasting italyThe first ever Roséxpo begins tomorrow in Lecce: it’s a three-day tasting/event celebrating everything rosé.

Of course, Cantele will be there with its Negroamaro Rosato.

But what’s really remarkable this gathering is the sheer number of rosé wines and wineries who will be represented there.

From German-speaking Alto Adige to Sicily, Italy is one of the world’s greatest producers of rosé, even though most of the wines are consumed locally.

Click here for the extraordinary catalog of participating wineries.

It’s a who’s who of Italian rosé producers and the Puglia entries alone are worth the price of admission.

Puglia is arguably Italy’s leading rosé region and many would agree that Negroamaro is one of the worlds greatest rosé grapes.

We often think of Puglia for its noble red wines. But when visiting top restaurants there, many people are amazed by the depth of the rosé lists. Where restaurants in the U.S., for example, may have two or three rosés on their lists (with maybe a few more during the spring rosé season), it’s not usual for a Pugliese restaurant to have ten to fifteen rosé wines on its list year round.

Click here for more info and registration details.

Image via Puglia Mon Amour.

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