Huffington Post calls Puglia next big thing

basilica santa croce lecceAbove: The gorgeous Basilica di Santa Croce in the historic center of Lecce. This brilliant example of baroque architecture is just one of the many sites that draws throngs of European travelers to Lecce each year.

We were thrilled to read that the Huffington Post has chosen Puglia as one of “15 Places To Go Before They Get Famous.”

“With foodie travel on the rise,” writes Suzy Strutner, “Puglia (‘Apulia’ to the English-speaking set) is going to become a household name. In the heel of Italy’s boot, the Mediterranean diet takes one of its purest and most delicious forms:food (think olive oil, artichokes, and salami) is locally sourced, restaurants are quaint yet high-quality, and you can sleep in a converted farmhouse… did we mention most of this happens beachside?”

Click here for the complete list and article.

It’s great to see the wondrous region of Puglia getting the attention it deserves.

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