Cantele at Riffs in Boulder, Colorado: America’s new food mecca

fried chicken biscuit boulder colorado

Above: the Chicken Biscuit at Riffs in Boulder “borders on the legendary” (image via the Riffs Facebook).

When you think of America’s great culinary destinations, the first cities that come to mind, of course, are New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

But as food and wine appreciation continues to grow in our country, more and more cities between the two coasts are beginning to compete with our nation’s major urban areas for the title of “best place to eat in America.”

One of those cities is Boulder, Colorado, where there has been an explosion of fantastic dining — both fine dining and casual — over the last decade.

We were thrilled to learn that Cantele Salento Primitivo is being served by the glass at Riffs Urban Fair in the heart of downtown.

It’s one of those restaurants were a passion for locally sourced ingredients is balanced by the wholesomeness and sheer fun of the dishes.

Our kind of place. And we can’t think of a better pairing for our Primitivo than a good ol’ American Chicken Biscuit (like the one we nabbed from their Facebook this afternoon).

Riffs Urban Fair
1115 Pearl St
Boulder, CO 80302
(303) 440-6699
Google map

2 thoughts on “Cantele at Riffs in Boulder, Colorado: America’s new food mecca

  1. Great to see some of your fantastic wines making it to my homeland (USA)! My grandparents own a sheep farm in southern Colorado (Dolores) and I can only imagine going back for a visit and enjoying some nice red wine with their fresh cut lamb chops! I remember my first taste of wine was during a visit to them as an eleven year old. My grandmother worked for a high end restaurant where she managed a morning crew that did the food prep and clean-up for their lunch and dinner openings. She let us kids earn a little spending money by helping them out. We got to keep all the fallen money in the bar area and my cousins dared me to drink some of the opened wine…it was the worst thing I ever tried (apart from cigarettes). Amazing how our pallets change over the years. I vaguely remember it was a strong Porto from Portugal. I’d probably love it today!

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