Cantele by-the-glass downtown Manhattan at Forcella

best pizzeria downtown manhattan

Above: Conceived by Neapolitan-born Giulio Adriani, Forcella quickly became a New York City standby for authentic Naples pizza.

“With only an oven,” wrote the editors of the New York Times in their review of Forcella, “Giulio Adriani established his reputation as a pizzaiolo in Italy and at Olio Pizza e Più in Greenwich Village. Now, at Forcella, Mr. Adriani has a fryer, too. With it, he creates his montanara pizza, a margherita with a crust flash-fried before being finished in a wood-burning oven.”

In a city that invented the “pizza wars” and where authentic Neapolitan pizza has been trending non-stop since 2007, Adriani’s accomplishment is no small feat.

The restaurant serves a number of classic Neapolitan pizzas together with downtown Italian-style comfort food (arancini, anyone, after a night of clubbing?).

A new Manhattan downtown classic, where Cantele Salice Salentino is served by the glass.

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