Special thanks to Sandra Crittenden for taking the time to chat and break bread with us!

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Above: That’s Houston-based wine writer, educator, and blogger Sandra Crittenden, far left. She and (from left) Paolo Cantele, Amy Gross (of VineSleuth, to Paolo’s left), and Dan Redman (founder and owner of Cantele’s Texas broker Mosaic Wine Group, and CanteleUSA blogmaster Jeremy Parzen all had dinner in Houston last month and discussed Paolo’s family’s wines.

We were so thrilled to see this post by one of our favorite American wine bloggers, Sandra Crittenden, who recently joined us for dinner in her hometown of Houston, Texas.

“I really enjoyed hearing Paolo talk about the natural beauty of his home in Puglia, Italy,” writes Sandra, who authors a number of wine columns for publications based on the Gulf Coast of Texas.

“Whether he was talking about the winery, the vineyards or the beaches; his pride in his home and in what they produce there was apparent.”

“The family has worked to reduce the environmental impact from their winemaking on the land while also working with some Italian research groups. They are studying indigenous yeast strains, the effects of Brettanomyces on wine and on working to reduce micro-toxins. This combination of caring for the land in the vineyard while staying in front of the most current research in the winery is all part of the family’s goal to create wine that is not only a fresh, wholesome part of your dinner but a wine that can also tell the story of the place from which it came.”

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Thank you, Sandra! We love your blog, Wine Thoughts!

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