The best cocktail program in Italy?

best american bar italy

Above: 300mila Lounge (“300K Lounge”) in Lecce was voted “best bar in Italy” by readers of the Gambero Rosso in 2013. The hot spot has made the short list again for 2014.

The best bar in Italy?

It has to be in Milan, right?

Possibly in Rome?

Maybe in a cool university town like Bologna?

Nope… The current “best bar in Italy” is to be found in Lecce: the “300mila Lounge” in the heart of Salento wine country.

The name comes from the local nickname for the piazza where it stands.

Back in 1956, the Catholic Church held the 15th Eucharistic Congress in Lecce. More than 300,000 persons attended a gathering in the city’s Piazza Mazzini in downtown.

From then onward, the square has been known locally as “Piazza 300 mila” (treh-CHEN-toh MEE-lah) or Piazza three-hundred-thousand.

Check out the 300mila website here.

And voting for the 2014 Gambero Rosso poll is now open here.

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