Goodnight Chardonnay see you tomorrow (Chardonnay harvest is complete)

chardonnay fermentation

Above: “Goodnight, Chardonnay, see you tomorrow,” wrote Paolo Cantele on his Facebook on Friday night. Below, a note from winemaker Gianni Cantele.

After two weeks of intense work, Saturday was the last day of the 2013 Chardonnay harvest. There’s no doubt that this is a good vintage. As it dripped out of the soft presses, the must had a rich aroma that I hadn’t smelled for a long time.

It’s the first indication of a vintage that is very likely to be high in quality.

Of course, after an observation like that, whether or not you believe in superstition, you had better knock on wood, iron, or other things that I won’t specify here.

The wine cellar has been invaded by the aromas of fermentation and I’m very happy about the results so far.

My grandmother Teresa was Romagnola through and through, a very practical woman. She loved to say, chi si loda, si imbroda. Literally, it means, he who praises himself, always spills the soup on himself. In other words, pride comes before a fall.

So you won’t hear me singing my own praises. But I will sing those of the people who have been working with us for some time now.

I can say that I have a team of splendid persons who work with the synchronicity and precision of a symphony orchestra. They are all highly talented.

Vincenzo, il responsabile della cantina, mi da la sicurezza di vedere messe in pratica tutte le indicazioni che do durante la giornata.

I know I can always rely on Vincenzo, my cellar master, who carries out my instructions flawlessly throughout the day.

And then there are Claudio, Diego, Antonello, Carlo, Andrea, Salvatore, and Giuseppe.

They are all as tough as nails and accumstomed to getting their hands dirty. They know that the quality of our wines is owed in part to them.

Then there is Lorenza, my guardian angel in the laboratory. And Mariapia, who, like me, studied food technology but then began working in enology. This year, she’s been giving me a hand in managing the technology.

Wine is made in the vineyard, of course. But if you don’t work with precision and passion in the cellar, you’re bound to wind up with a big mess on your hands!

Gianni Cantele

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